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Current Music:John Scofield: Jeep on 35
Time:12:03 pm
Current Mood:chipperchipper
So yeah, it's been forever since I wrote on this thingy. I've been crazy busy ever since Idol started I guess. It was blast working on the show. I've learned A LOT, and I'm psyched for next season so the fun can continue. I'm happy to say that I definately gave it my all, met really great people and it's been the best working experience of my life so far...tear..sniff...Alrighty, so I've started work on another show called Dancing With then Stars on ABC...it's a fun time as well, and hey I'm moving up in the world as I'm in a position with lil' more responsibility. So the summer should be good. Full of work thank the Lord. I'm hoping to come home and visit mid July after DWS has wrapped and before i start work again after that.

Karen just visited and we had a blast. Seeing the sights, beach volleyball, poker, horseback riding, Dodger game, drinking and more, it was a fun time. I haven't seen anyone from L.I. in about 9 months, so it was a breath of fresh air! We had such a good time and something tells me she liked it over here in Cali so I'll be seeing her sooner than later. Katie and Steve are driving across the country right now on their way here. They should be arriving around June 6th and I cannot wait. I think we'll be going up to Yosemite and checking out a Dodger game as well. Summertime is fun b/c it's when people actually WANT to come and visit...go summer go!

Ahhh...got a show to look forward to next week. WILCO will be playing and I will be attending with a few of my close friends. I feel like I've been waiting forever to see/hear this band play. I'm more excited than I can even try to express in this little journal. all i can say is, ah...Jeff Tweedy...

ok thats all for you cats...i'll check you on the flip side...
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Current Music:Breathe In - by Frou Frou
Subject:ooo whoa whoa
Time:11:55 am
Current Mood:contentcontent
I am currently at work for American Idol. Tonight we shoot the Christmas special, so the day has been kind of slow. blah blah blah My head has been spinning lately for various reasons, but it's all good. I'm real happy to be out here in Cali- you know you'd love the sunshine...

Work has been a little crazy lately- long hours, on my feet all day, very tiring...but i've been able to balance it with a pretty healthy helping of relaxation and time with friends that i'm not going too insane, i just have to check every now and then to make sure my head is still on straight.

I'm still not sure what I'm doing for Thanksgiving- probably working. I start at Williams-Sonoma for the holiday season on Sunday. Year #3, i'm hooked can you tell? There's just something about going to work, baking and smelling yummy pumpkin and spice everyday that makes me happy. Not to mention the awesome 40% discount. I'll probably hate working there in a few weeks, simply because i'll be wanting to be on set, but to be honest not much is going on right now. Work slows down out here around now until after Christmas, so WS will have to do.

Christmas is a completely different issue. I have no clue what i'm doing, or even if I'm going anywhere. I'd like to be in NY for NYE so I can catch some shows in the city with some friends, but I'm not sure if that is going to pan out as much as i'd love it to.
I'd also like to come back to the island to see my bro and some friends, go see my sis in NJ, my cousins in PA, my other bro in FL and of course my parents in NC. It's going to be weird having to get used to the fact that i can't just get it all done in one shot. I think i took that for granted when i was in Boston. i spent a lot of time going to other places, (for those of you who catch my drift i'm sure you know where i mean).
So that basically sucks. But that's life, and i'm living it. That makes me happy enough for now.
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Current Music:Buried Alive (thanks to livephish at work)
Subject:mondays reek
Time:11:35 am
Current Mood:drunkdrunk
Ok so I'm not drunk, but i kinda wish i was. You don't even know. Oye.
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Current Music:Beatles: Drive My Car
Subject:from Coventry to Cleaning house
Time:06:43 pm
Current Mood:happyhappy
Ok so it's been a while. I know this. Here's the update since a lot of shit has gone down.

COVENTRY: One of the most memorable experiences of my life to say the least. 5 days with 10 strangers, walking in mud soup up to my knees the entire weekend, no cell phone reception, no idea where the hell my friends were only to find out they had turned around, finally finding said friends two days later and sharing the experience with them. The music and the shows were awesome. One of those "had to be there" things i guess, but the emotion in the air and in the music was overwhelming. Caught myself crying a couple of times...they gave me some powerful performances that will never be erased from my brain, and times shared with friends, old and new, that I'll take with me whereever I go. Thanks for that Phish.

ETHAN COLE RIVERA: The name of my new nephew, born on August 26, 2004. The sweetest thing you've ever seen. I had to leave him after two weeks, but my new god-son is the most amazing little critter, I tell ya...my brother in law, Ian's family came up from Puerto Rico to visit. It was great to get to spend time with them and get to know them all. What a family. I can't wait to go down and visit them all...needless to say, being away from him is going to be hard, but I'm going to try my best to get back as much as I can to see him and the rest of the fam.

SAN FRANCISCO: No more than three days after i returned to L.A. I was off to San Francisco for some free shows. String Cheese Incident played a show in Golden Gate Park, some kind of Power to the Peaceful rally...it was cool...Dave Matthew's Band played and entire afternoon worth's of music in Golden Gate Park the very next day. It was a great time. Carlos Santana came out towards the end and played three songs with the band, good times. I have to see him in action again. Got to spend the night in San Fran thanks to a new friend, and all in all had a great weekend in San Fran...

BIG SUR: Traveled up the Pacific Coast Highway with my pal Dan to the Big Sur region of California. One of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. The ocean goes on forever, the redwoods tower over your heads, the sand is white and soft, the sunsets amazing. You should all go. We're going back whenever we can go camping again, or after we check out Yosemite...

MEXICO: in celebration of our friend Ben's b-day, me and seven of my pals went down to Rosarito, Mexico this past weekend. Let me just tell you, besides the amazing night we all had, tequila being poured down our throats, $1 beers and shots, Mexico had a lot more to offer than that...it opened my eyes to kinds of poverty and way of living that I had only read about, or seen on T.V. It's shocking, it's humbling and I want to go back and explore the region more. We were in Baja, so someday i'd like to try to get over to the mainland. We met an awesome couple in one of the bars we were at, and exchanged emails so we can conctact them when we return. Thye also told us about some other cities that were worth visiting, so I'm raring and ready to return. Aaron is coming to vist dan and I in November, so we're hoping to rent a hacienda on the coast for his visit...we'll see...

HOW CLEAN IS YOUR HOUSE??: This is the awesome clean up show on Lifetime that I work for now. It's a good time. I work with awesome people and have made some great contacts. I also have some work with American Idol coming up, which will hopefully turn into something bigger when the season begins. yay!

ok so you're pretty much all caught up. i think..if I forgot anything let me know...later flavas. i'm happy now.
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Current Music:Bathtub Gin
Subject:yeee haw!
Time:01:04 pm
Current Mood:bouncybouncy
WOWSAH...i'm so anxious and everything else right now, I can't even tell you. Just doing my laundry and starting to pack for my trip back east.

You all know the feeling I'm talking about though, right? That jittery, can't sit still or concentrate, rush of adrenaline that just carries you through the day and sits at the pit of your stomach... Yeah, that's where I am now. It's a good feeling. So now I'm just running around like a crazy woman, packing, listening to tunes, trying to relax...real real excited, so not doing a very good job at relaxing. yay...ok back to packing.

I'll see you New York folk soon, but most probably not until I get back from COVENTRY...ahhhh! And for all you Cali folk, as the age old song by The Happenings goes, I'll "see you in September, see you when the summer's through" baby...
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Current Music:ironically-Chalkdust Torture...b/c this waiting is torturous
Subject:boring happy life
Time:12:32 am
Current Mood:anxiousanxious
Yes, as of late my life has been type boring. No work, nothing to do except twiddle my thumbs waiting for next Tues when I FLY BACK TO NY!!
After we land, it'll be a day of packing my gear, taking care of some other business and then heading on up to the wonderful Tweeter Center, better known as Great Woods, in my old stomping grounds of Massachusetts...we're hoping to get to Coventry real early on the 12th so we can start the party early...makes perfect sense to me...however, this might be the longest week of my life since i'm looking forward to something...why does it always happen that way? Bah...

Let's just hope my little nephice (niece/nephew?) has liked calling the womb home- at least long enough to stick it out till term...pray for me guys, pray...it'll be a close one
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Subject:UU's suck
Time:10:10 pm
So things have been pretty good here lately. I interviewed for a position at a children's animation company last week, and it went really well. I'm not getting my hopes up, but I'm not going to lie, it would obviously be sweet if i came back from NY and had a job waiting for me. Wishful but hopeful thinking. Basically it would be the perfect job.

Youu all don't know this b/c i'm a whiz with the backspace button, but everytime I hit the "u" button, i get two u's instead of one...kind of annoying, buut i'm juust not going to fix it any longer, cauuse it's a pain in my ass...so juust go with it.

George and i will be flying home the 10th and leaving the 11th for ouur trip to Vermont. I can't even explain how exicited i am for the trip. I contacted an old friend i hadn't talked to in while, Marnie, who i knew was way into Phish at one point. Turns ouut she'll be up in VT too with her bro, sis and friends so we're going to meet uup when we get settled up there. I knew i'd regret if i didn't contact her and fouund ouut later on that she had been at the festival. Pluus it's something we have in common and it'll be cool to share the experience. So now i'm even more exicted...8 more days, yay

Cuurrently watching Six Feet UUnder which is an amazing show. Youu shouuld all tuune in, it's for youur own good, truust me.

I'm ouut...

down with the uu...
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Time:02:15 am
Current Mood:nostalgicnostalgic
missing people suuuuuucks so bad...will get better soon though...

home in 17 days...

Coventry in 18...

all will be well with the world and Katie in general.

just allow me one more (SIGH)...thanks for listening all
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Subject:never laughed so hard
Time:07:15 pm
Ok, so it may seem a little ridiculous, but last night I saw a movie that made me cry tears of laughter. The last film to accomplish this feat was Jon Favareu's ELF, deliciously starring Will Ferrell.

I place Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle on an equal plain of hilarity alongside Elf. I'd have to watch them consecutively, in order to decipher which is more funny, but certainly last night H&KGTWC did the trick.

I'm not going to give anything away, I'd like you all to have the experience I had when viewing the film. I knew nothing about it, hadn't heard about it...clean slate as soon as I stepped into the theatre... I admit, I was pretty f-ed up for most of the film...but, friends this is how you have to see it for the first time. It will knocks you're socks off (or your sandals, seeings how it is summer).

If you liked Van Wilder, you'll love this movie even more...go see it, that's all I ask.

Now I'm waiting for The Village, M. Night is amazing...see you at the movies friends
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Time:03:57 am
I am forever indebted to Aaron Fortin. He showed me the way...what a great guy...If you ever get a chance, you should talk to him for a while, only then will you understand what an awesome guy he is. All smiles from this side of the country. All smiles.

See you at Coventry my friend :o)
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